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The Fat Cloud is a lightweight air pillow shaped for comfort and made from an ultra lightweight nylon ripstop material that provides the strength and durability that keeps the Fat Cloud in shape. They are made with a double skinned to prevent damage to the inner membrane making them perfect to be used on most surfaces. They are great for the beach, in the park, on the boat or anywhere you need to chill out in this great country of ours. So grab a Fat cloud and enjoy the great outdoors in style and comfort.

Your Fat Cloud can take loads up to 250kg. The Fat Cloud comes with a carry bag and a tent peg loop so you can secure it to the ground so it doesn’t blow away when the wind picks up and you are up getting a drink, having a swim or its your turn to bat in back yard cricket. We recommend using a Peggy Peg screw in tent peg to keep your Fat Cloud in place when you are on soft ground.

Fat Clouds are designed so you can lay length ways on them in complete comfort or you can sit a few people sitting side by side across it, but that’s only if you are prepared to share your bag of air. At 190cm long and 90cm wide and keeps you a good 50cm off the ground when inflated so it really does keep you comfy and off the hard ground and feeling like the king. When it’s folded up in the carry bag it only takes up 38cm x 25cm x 15cm and at 1.2Kg its light enough to carry anywhere, anytime but strong enough.

It really takes seconds to turn the bag of lightweight material into a Fat Cloud. Just remove it from the handy carry bag, unroll the Fat Cloud, open the end up and bust out some of your best John Travolta dance moves grabbing all that free air. Then just give the ends a few good twists to increase the pressure and clip the fasteners on the corners together. Then all that is left to do is take a deep breath and chillax in style.

Once you are done, unclip the fastener, unroll the end and open up the mouth and the air will do a great escape style departure back into the big wild world. Then you just need to flatten the lightweight material out and tightly roll it up, slip it in the carry bag and off you go.

Just like every Australian the Fat Cloud loves the beach, the park, the bush, enjoys good music festival and sporting event or any gathering with friends.

Fat Cloud

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