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Inflatable Camping Lounger

Premium Quality Inflatable Lounge Chair

If you have been looking for a premium quality inflatable camping lounger that is both durable and stylish, then your search ends here at Fat Cloud. We are a proudly Australian owned and operated company that is highly dedicated to bringing our valuable clients the highest levels of satisfaction with our inflatable camping lounger range. Spend quality time in the great Australian outdoors with friends, family and the ones you love the most with our innovative inflatable camping lounger. Here at Fat Cloud, we recognise you would rather spend time enjoying the weather without the fuss of setting up your inflatable camping lounger.

For this reason, we have specifically designed our inflatable camping lounger range for quick and hassle free just by simply waving it around in the free air. It’s just that simple! You no longer need to compromise your budget to lounge in comfort and ultimate style when you choose our inflatable camping lounger. Made out of ultra lightweight nylon material that is resistant to ripping, Fat Cloud’s easy to use inflatable camping lounger can carry up to 150 kilograms, and is suitable for usage on most surfaces.

After you have relaxed, packing up your inflatable camping lounger is a breeze and fits easily into a carry bag to get you on your way faster. Perfect for all settings including the beach, park, bush or anywhere else your heart desires, our popular inflatable camping lounger is the perfect way to spend your time in complete bliss and comfort. Choose Fat Cloud’s inflatable camping lounger for your next outing and discover a world of difference today.

Inflatable Camping Lounger

Fat Cloud Colors

The Fat Cloud comes in two beautiful colors.
Premium Quality Inflatable Lounge Chair

Use Fat Cloud Almost Anywhere

Fat Cloud can be used on any surface such as grass and sand. Don’t worry, the surface of the ground doesn’t have to be perfectly smooth or soft. Fat Cloud premium quality inflatable lounger can also endure rougher surfaces such as those with (small) rocks, or hard pavement. Note: Water use is not recommended.

Premium Quality Inflatable Lounge Chair

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We are focused on customer service and making the sure the time you have away from the stresses of the real world are comfortable. We are not saying we reinvented the wheel but we have greased the axles to make it run a bit more smoothly and we believe the Fat Cloud sums up the great Australian way, Chillaxing with mates and having a laugh.

Fat clouds are $85.00 + $9.95 postage per order. Order as many as you want and only pay one postage cost.

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